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Is this cane 33 expansion borosilicate?
Yes. This cane is made using all first quality top tier borosilicate glass including, Glass Alchemy, Northstar, SCHOTT, Simax, PYREX, Parramore, Momka, etc. 

How do I use twisted cane?
By using a stick stack method a tube can be formed with cane. The tube can then be manipulated into any form a glass artist chooses, sculpture work, dabbers, animals, slumping and fusing. The imagination is the limit. 

The cane looks like it has ridges. Is this a problem?
No. Some of this cane may have ridges from the manufacturing process, however upon working with the material the ridges will smooth out and disappear. 

What diameters are offered by Caterpillar Glass?
Our cane be be produced in diameters from 4mm to 18mm. 

What are the maximum lengths the rods can be produced?
-Standard size for this product is 20.2 inch lengths, however we can provide cane up to 60in lengths upon custom requests.

Does Caterpillar Glass accept custom design orders?
-Yes. Please contact us a info@zanfirico.com for any custom cane requests. 

If you have a question that is not listed here, please send us an email and you will get you a prompt response   info@zanfirico.com